Emergency number: 030/ 916 118 36 (Day and night)

The Women’s Refuge Cocon provides protection, shelter and support to women and their children who suffer from violence (and abuse) in their families. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please call us!

  • You may come to our facility at any time (day and night)
  • The House is open for women and their children of any cultural origin. You don´t need to speak german
  • The stay in the Women´s Refuge is voluntary, anonymous and free of charge
  • The address of the Women’s Refuge is kept confidential. Men are not allowed to enter the house
  • In the Women’s Refuge you are free to organize your daily routines according to your own specific needs
  • Unfortunately, women addicted to alcohol and drugs can not be accomodated in our house

We will assist you in

  • Opening up new perspectives
  • Securing your basic needs
  • Hepling you settling legal problems and claims
  • Clarifying the situation of your home; alternatively finding a flat; answering your personal questions and dealing with the physical, social and health impacts of violence, separation or divorce
  • All matters concerning your children
  • Finding further advice centers and institutions

If you have time to prepare your stay with us
please get organized for you and your children as some essential documenation will be very helpful, i.e.

  • Identity card / passport for you and your children
  • Health insurance card
  • Residence permit and work permit (in case of migrants)
  • Income tax card
  • Lease contract for your flat
  • Pension insurance documents
  • Birth certificates (for the children as well)
  • Notification of child custody, if possible
  • Medical certificates, if possible
  • Marriage certificate, if possible

You should also think about

  • Money, credit card
  • Important insurance and property documents and the like
  • School matters, favourite toys of your children

In case of an urgent situation, you do not have to bring anything along in order to come to the Women’s Refuge!